Our key metric is happiness.

GoWP started out as a web agency. We loved the web, we loved WordPress, and we worked hard to create sites for the companies who hired us.

But website development has lots of different aspects. We handled things like design, marketing and project management because it was part of the job. But it wasn’t necessarily the part that made us happy.

After those sites were up and running, we provided ongoing maintenance and support to our WordPress clients. We answered their questions. We solved their problems. We researched pesky technical issues and found good workable solutions.

We did our share of hand-holding for distraught clients who had tried and tried but couldn’t achieve what they wanted. And we realized something kind of funny. This was the stuff that made us happy.

Not only that, but getting the right answer or solution made our clients happy. That made us even happier.

Then one day it occurred to us to focus on what made us shine – and leave behind all the tasks that made us clench our teeth. Life’s too short, right?

So we left it to other agencies to create new sites. When their job was done, ours would begin. GoWP became a dedicated support team that would maintain those sites and help site owners take them further.

Maybe scheduling backups, monitoring security, and resolving technical glitches isn’t everyone’s idea of bliss. But with the deep knowledge of WordPress we had built up throughout the years, it turned out we had something pretty useful to contribute.

We knew we had finally found our calling when the delighted clients we were helping responded with glowing reviews, homemade cookies, and on one occasion, a very nice bottle of bourbon.

We enjoy doing support exclusively now, but we don’t consider ourselves support techs. The job title here is Happiness Engineers.

What are Happiness Reports?

All of our support clients get to rate us and leave comments every time we resolve an issue for them. We call these reviews Happiness Reports. You can read some of them here.

What else makes us happy?

We really, really enjoy supporting the WordPress community. In addition to contributing to WordPress Core, we’re pretty active in the WP support forums. We also coordinate the WordPress Meetup in Alpharetta, Georgia. And we love sponsoring WordCamps across the country including:

What’s the deal with the Bot?

The support that GoWP provides is a combination of us fleshy humans, and sophisticated automated systems. The Bot represents those systems, running smoothly behind the scenes. The Bot keeps its (single) eye on things around the clock. If a problem arises on your site, the Bot knows about it before you do. The Bot is awesome.