We measure our success by the happiness of our customers.

GoWP started as a web agency, working hard to create awesome sites for the companies who hired us.
But one day, it occurred to us that we should focus on what really made us stand out from the crowd — solving problems and finding solid, workable solutions to pesky technical issues.   

So we left it to other agencies to create new sites. Where their job was done, ours would begin. GoWP became a dedicated support team that would maintain those sites and help site owners take them further. 

But we don’t consider ourselves support techs, the job title here is Happiness Engineer.

The GoWP Team

Want to join the team?

GoWP is the leading provider of white label services for WordPress agencies. Our headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia but our motivated team of happiness engineers is scattered across the globe.

We know as well as anyone that the world of WordPress is vast and bursting with talent. If you’re interested in joining the mission of creating happiness with GoWP, get in touch!

Customer Success Manager

We’re hiring a full-time, experienced Customer Success Manager that knows how to empower customers and help them succeed with our service.

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