Everything You Need To Know About WordPress’ Gutenberg Editor

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress' Gutenberg Editor

WordPress is changing. The current TinyMCE text editor that millions of users are familiar with…

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A Look In The Mirror: How We Developed Our (Micro) Brand Strategy

A Look In The Mirror: How We Developed Our (Micro) Brand Strategy

When I was introduced to the concept of Micro-Branding, I didn’t know what to expect.…

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10 Helpful Tools To Boost Your Agency’s Productivity In 2018

10 Helpful Tools to Boost Your Agency's Productivity in 2018

With the right tools and processes in place, we save at least an hour of…

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How To Improve Your Website’s Speed Through Image Optimization

How to Improve Your Website's Speed Through Image Optimization

Images are a great way to make your site more attractive, and can offer depth…

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Watch WordCamp Talks From Around The World On WordPress.tv

Watch WordCamp talks from around the world on WordPress.tv

If you are new to WordPress then you might be unaware that conferences called WordCamps…

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How To Create Manual Orders In WooCommerce

How to create manual orders in WooCommerce

The obvious way to create a manual order in WooCommerce is to navigate to the…

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Add Columns, Rows And Tabs To Your WordPress Posts And Pages

Add columns, rows and tabs to your WordPress posts and pages

Do you enjoy using WordPress, but sometimes wish you could use more flexible layouts for…

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Identify Which Theme And Plugins Are Used On A WordPress Site

Identify which theme and plugins are used on a WordPress site

Have you ever browsed a WordPress site and wondered what theme or plugins are being…

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Announcing The “Gravity Forms Zero Spam” Plugin

Announcing the "Gravity Forms Zero Spam" plugin

Over the last two weeks we began to see reports from a number of our clients…

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Add Custom Slideshows To Your WordPress Site With Meta Slider

Add custom slideshows to your WordPress site with Meta Slider

Meta Slider is a free, easy to use plugin that allows WordPress users to add…

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5 Social Media Plugins To Simplify Sharing Your Posts

5 social media plugins to simplify sharing your posts

There are plenty of free or inexpensive WordPress plugins that simplify social sharing, however, selecting…

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