How ClockworkWP built a recurring revenue agency with the help of GoWP

ClockworkWP Aaron Reimann

With the help of GoWP, Aaron Reimann at ClockworkWP is able to continue taking on new businesses while expanding his WordPress services.

Meet Aaron

Aaron Reimann comes from a digital marketing and WordPress background. In 2019, Sideways8, the company Aaron helped start, was acquired. The way things shook out, Aaron wound up with the hosting arm of Sideways8 and some of the care plans. Of course, Aaron was more than happy to continue caring for these clients because he had spent years establishing a great relationship with them. 

And that’s how ClockworkWP was born — a niched and focused company born from a bigger agency pedigree. For years Aaron had worked in the world of $25-50k projects, but with ClockwordWP, he’s focused on building his recurring revenue, creating a lifestyle he enjoys, and helping his clients grow and succeed.

Aaron lives in Georgia and has a full house with his wife and four children. ClockworkWP was built from the ground up and he runs it from his home. 

ClockworkWP provides WordPress hosting and care plans, along with additional services to help businesses grow.  He specializes in smaller-scale websites that don’t require a lot of third-party integrations or custom code but that do value safety, security, and stability.

Care plans are about 65% of my business as far as revenue, including hosting. That’s all because of the help from GoWP.

Aaron Reimann, ClockworkWP

Why GoWP?

For Aaron, he needed someone he could rely on to take care of his clients’ websites. Client relationships are paramount and it was important to him that he works with someone he could trust to treat his clients well. His experience with GoWP convinced him it was the right choice for a few important reasons:

  1. GoWP takes care of his clients

    Aaron needs to know that he can trust whoever is on his team to take care of his clients as he would. Aaron has had sites on GoWP maintenance plans for years. He has peace of mind knowing that his clients are safe in their hands.

  2. Quality backups, security, and updates without the need to hand-hold

    Over the years, Aaron has established relationships that have allowed him to grow his agency and maintain the high-quality care plans he’s known for. With the GoWP team, he knows he can trust them to keep his clients’ sites safe. 

  3. Affordable and trustworthy

    Before discovering GoWP, Aaron didn’t think it would be possible to find a solution that gave him dependable maintenance that fit his and his clients’ budget. GoWP checks all those boxes. He knows that his websites are safe, he enjoys the progress reports, and loves that he gets all that for a monthly rate he can easily work into his profit margins.

Aaron’s Struggle


From the get-go, Aaron knew he needed help managing his care plan clients. He didn’t want to be the one doing the work and fixing the sites after updates go awry. He needed an affordable solution that he could trust to handle his clients as he would.

The whole story:

ClockworkWP was founded when Aaron took on the existing care plan accounts from his former agency, which was acquired. The care plan accounts weren’t in the scope of the acquisition and Aaron happily agreed to continue caring for his clients. However, these care plan accounts had previously been managed by a team at his large agency, now he was the sole responsible party. But he wasn’t interested in spending his days making sure updates weren’t breaking sites. He has more to offer his clients and has more valuable ways to spend his time than that.

“We don’t just do hosting and care plans,” He explains. “We want to keep our clients’ sites safe but also updated and readily visible for organic traffic. I needed help to continue hosting and still offer these WordPress services simultaneously.”

In his experience, Aaron knows that clients can spend months never requesting an edit to their site and then, BAM! they need a lot of quick fixes. And you certainly can’t bank on perfectly well-functioning sites to not unexpectedly crash with a bad update.  “For an agency that just has an extra developer lying around, these scenarios are no problem. I’m not that kind of agency anymore. I needed a team to help give me that sense of security, stability, and most importantly — scalability.”

GoWP’s Solution


Aaron put his care plan accounts on GoWP maintenance plans and now he can rest assured that his steady stream of recurring revenue is flowing. And he can focus on growing his agency knowing he’s got a team of experts at the ready.

The whole story:

Depending on the GoWP WordPress developers to take care of his clients’ maintenance has been crucial to Aaron’s ability to grow his agency successfully.

“It’s nice to know that all these updates are being done in the background without me worrying about it. That’s a headache I don’t have to have every morning. Not to mention, if something happens with an update and they do break — it’s not me who has to worry about rolling back!” Aaron explains.

It helps Aaron free up his time to focus on growing the business, which is what his skills are best applied to. Through years of experience, Aaron has learned that in order to grow the business, you have to be able to step out of the business. He’s also learned that stepping out of the business is impossible when he’s the one responsible for daily updates and fixes.  

Having the GoWP team handle maintenance and the hiccups that occur from it allows any agency to focus their stronger talent on the projects that are going to bring in higher dollar amounts instead of one-off tasks for clients or maintenance issues that pop up unexpectedly.

Because even just updating plugins can cause an issue and most smaller agencies don’t have the extra brains around to troubleshoot. “It can turn into a real time-suck,” Aaron says.

That’s why Aaron handed it over to GoWP where he has a team that, whatever the issue is, knows how to troubleshoot a whole lot quicker than any agency owner, because they’ve already seen the issue a hundred times before.

“I don’t have the headache I used to have. Before GoWP, clients that needed these little one-off fixes were a major distraction.” Aaron said.


Aaron took on the existing care plan accounts from his former agency, which was acquired. However, these care plan accounts had previously been managed by a team at his large agency, now he was the sole responsible party.

Aaron needed a service that worked with his profit margins and would take care of the maintenance and quick fixes he couldn’t be bogged down with. Client relationships are everything and it was important to him that he works with someone who would be there for his clients as well. 

That’s why he partnered with GoWP! 

With GoWP maintenance plans for Aaron’s clients, it gives them the care they need while he’s able to grow his agency — without a lifting a finger. 

I don’t have the headaches I used to have. With the GoWP team handling maintenance, I’ve got a team of engineers that know how to troubleshoot issues a lot quicker than any agency owner because they’ve already seen it a hundred times before.

Aaron Reimann, ClockworkWP

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