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How outsourcing WordPress maintenance and support with GoWP took founder Kronda Adair from self-employed freelancer to CEO of her own business.

With the help of GoWP, Karvel Digital founder Kronda Adair went from hustling as a freelancer to delegating as CEO of her own business.

Meet Kronda

Kronda Adair started her own business as many typical freelancers do: running around searching for her next client while trying to follow through on work for current clients.

Like many freelancers, she wanted to keep it simple. She wasn’t interested in complicating her business by outsourcing work. Surely it made more sense to do it all herself, she thought. Even if that meant not sleeping.

“When I met (GoWP founder) Brad, I just wanted to get out of the weeds,” Kronda said. “When clients would have issues, it would take up a lot of my time. I’d have to drop everything and take care of WordPress edits that would eat up my time because that’s not my strong suit.”

The first thing she did was put her own site on a GoWP plan.

She had a to-do list of edits that she had been putting off for months. She shot off a couple of quick emails to the happiness engineers at GoWP and those items were checked off her list the next day.

“I was sold. I put my clients’ sites on GoWP plans, fixed my pricing and haven’t looked back,” Kronda recalls. “With every new client, I would plant the seed of ‘this site is going to need maintenance and edits, and my team and I can do that for you.”

Her team was GoWP.

When clients would have issues, it would take up a lot of my time. I’d have to drop everything and take care of WordPress edits that would eat up my time because that’s not my strong suit.​

Why GoWP?

So why did Kronda decide to partner with GoWP for white label maintenance and support? Well, lots of reasons! But these were her big three motivators:

  1. Peace of mind

    Before GoWP, Kronda was in the weeds with support requests from her clients and couldn’t take a break long enough to focus on providing more value to her current clients let alone go out and sign new ones. Once she was able to hand off all of her maintenance and support issues to the happiness engineers at GoWP, she could finally breathe and take a vacation to Maui!

  2. Recurring revenue

    It didn’t take long for Kronda to realize the appeal and necessity of creating a steady recurring revenue stream for her agency if she wanted to keep it afloat. At first, she was hesitant to outsource any part of her business, but GoWP helped her change that mindset.

  3. Adds value to her service

    Being the boss that she is, Kronda was able to secure big-dollar accounts by promising a valuable service. That included strategizing and consulting sessions. Without GoWP handling all of her maintenance and support needs, she’d never have the time to deliver on the other parts of her service that her customers were paying her for.

Kronda’s Struggle


Maintenance and support tasks were eating up all of Kronda’s time.

The whole story:

Kronda had a great thing going — she was a freelancer and she was busy, really busy. She had a handful of great clients that appreciated her service. But all the upkeep was slowly burying her deeper and deeper. 

Routine site maintenance and content edits kept eating into the time she preferred spending on business strategy and marketing for her clients. She knew she had to find a way to scale her business, if she was going to be able to deliver on the promises she was selling. 

What sets her apart from the rest is her business acumen and marketing strategies. For Kronda’s clients, it wasn’t just about getting a website. It was about creating a successful business, and that’s what Kronda does best. But she needed someone to help her out on the technical side of things so she could focus on what made her business unique and valuable.

She knew that in order to make good on the cost of her service, she had to be available to her clients for consulting and strategizing. Spending her time on maintenance and support was not good for her and it was not beneficial to her clients.

GoWP’s Solution


GoWP’s expert happiness engineers took maintenance and support off Kronda’s plate. She took her first vacation in years and went on to become CEO of her own successful digital marketing company!

The whole story:

Making the decision to outsource all her maintenance and support needs was essential to Kronda’s success.

“The mindset shift I had to go through to make a transition like this was so good for me,” she explains. “It took me out of the ‘I have to do everything myself’ mentality and put me in a CEO mindset. The mindset where I knew I had to deliver a lot of things to my customers, but it doesn’t have to be me doing everything — that’s the key.”

As soon as she found GoWP, she updated her pricing and put all of her sites on a care plan. For Kronda, simplicity was key.

“If you’re going to have a business, you want stability and recurring revenue and simplicity is one of the best gifts you can give yourself.” Kronda says. “I put all my sites on a plan with GoWP because even if they just call once or twice a year, I didn’t want to be the person responsible for answering that call.”

GoWP worked for Kronda because she was able to completely remove herself from the maintenance and support aspect of her business. This allowed her to offer her expertise as a service on top of the maintenance and support services provided by GoWP, which was white-labeled under her brand.

If you’re running an agency and haven’t outsourced website maintenance and support, Kronda says you need to ask yourself just one question:

“Do you want a profitable and scalable business? Or do you want to run around like a chicken with your head cut off? You can’t put a metric on peace of mind. That’s priceless.”


With the 24/7 team of happiness engineers working under her branding, Kronda was able to focus on what made her offer unique — her business savvy and marketing know-how. The GoWP engineers instantly jumped on board and took complete care of her clients’ maintenance and support needs. Within a couple months, Kronda took her first vacation in 3 years — to Maui, no less. There’s been no looking back for Kronda.

In fact, with the help of GoWP, Kronda had the time to focus on her own business strategy. Since partnering with GoWP, she has transitioned from a freelance web developer to running her own digital marketing agency, Karvel Digital.

(GoWP) took me out of the ‘I have to do everything myself’ mentality and put me in a CEO mindset. The mindset where I knew … it doesn’t have to be me doing everything — that’s the key.

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