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Become a GoWP Champion!

GoWP Champions are customers and advocates who want to help spread the word about our service. We love our Champions and couldn’t succeed without them.

Enroll today to get exclusive offers and rewards when you refer others our way!

How it works:
Join the program by clicking Enroll Now.
Tell others about us and share our content.
Get rewarded when your referrals signup.
Champions Program FAQs

Who can become a GoWP Champion?
Anyone! If you want to serve as an advocate for GoWP and earn rewards, simply complete this form to enroll in our Champions Program.

How can I spread the word?
Our Champions share our content on social media, tell others about us in online communities or offline networking groups and represent us at meetups or industry conferences. These are just a few of the ways you can help 🙂

How much can I earn?
You’ll earn 15% recurring on the lifetime of your referrals and additional one-time bonuses of up to $25 per referral. We also run contests and promotions periodically where you can earn even more.

How can I see my stats?
Champions can login to our client portal and view their referral statistics and earnings.

Champions Program Levels
Spread the word, earn rewards.
  •    Rewards & Benefits
  •    15% Recurring Commission
  •    Exclusive Content
  •    Bonus Offers and Rewards
  •    GoWP Swag Box
  •    Free GoWP Subscription
  •    $15 Bonus Per Referral
  •    2 Additional GoWP Subscriptions
  •    Additional $10 Bonus Per Referral
  •    Partnership Opportunities


0 - 9 Customer Referrals


10 - 24 Customer Referrals


25+ Customer Referrals

Commission on bulk purchases is 50% of the first month’s payment (not eligible for recurring commission).

Become a GoWP Champion!
Enroll today and let's grow together.
Become a GoWP Champion!
Enroll today and let's grow together.