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Agency Owner free resource hub

Communication is key to a successful partnership, especially during times of crisis

That’s why at GoWP, we have created a solid base of resources for our agency owners to have at their fingertips at any time. We are not only providing white label WordPress services, we are also providing valuable resources that form lasting partnerships. 

Our team of happiness engineers are working hard to maintain our customers’ websites. During this time, successful websites are the only thing keeping many businesses afloat and we have gone above and beyond to make sure they are safe, secure and up to date. 

We hope our partners feel that their clients are taken care of 24/7. That’s why we put together this helpful resource for agency owners everywhere. In a time where many businesses are forced to trim the fat off their budgets, it’s more important than ever to show your value as an agency. In this post, we’re including an outreach email template that can be used to lead with value and showcase the importance of your services as an agency. 

Partnering with Project HOPE


Clifford Almeida is the Founder of My Web Audits, he is also a successful agency owner and a good friend of GoWP. He has been pooling resources and partnering with other services and agency owners to put together a hub of free content to get us through these trying times. He created Project HOPE (Helping Our People Everywhere) as a community effort to help support you and your agency during a crisis.

The goal being to not only survive but to thrive through these times.

Want to contribute? Here’s how you can help Project HOPE:

  1. SHARE A RESOURCE (or more than one!) of yours that could help web pros or agencies. This could be a blog post, podcast, PDF, video, webinar or anything else we can link to.
  2. SPREAD THE WORD by sharing this message with your agency network.
  3. Take a minute to forward the hub on to a few people you think could help add value to agencies.

GoWP’s Email Outreach Template  

This email template may help to communicate with your clients at this time. 

Please personalize according to your services and offerings for your client. Remember to lead with value and showcase how you’re able to help your client weather this storm. You’ll get through this together.

GoWP Crisis Email Outreach Template

Subject: We are here for you! 

Hi {First Name},

What a time this is for all of us.

As we all chart these new, unknown waters I wanted to reach out and let you know we’re here to support you.

Here are a few ways we can help your online business during this time:

  • Ensure that your site is up to date, safe, secure, and backed-up with an ongoing maintenance service.
  • Add pop-ups and/or banners to announce new information.
  • Update your site to include new hours, menus, services, etc.
  • Update content/products/services that have been impacted by this new situation.

.…And a lot more! You just let us know and we’ll work together to make it happen. 

As an agency, we know your website the most important thing to you. We are here every step of the way. The last thing you need to worry about during this time is whether or not your website is being taken care of. We’ve got that covered, like always.

If you have any questions or are unsure about how you’re going to navigate this current situation, reply to this email. Let’s talk about it.

We’re in this together,

{Agency contact}

If you are an agency owner and looking for white label services, you came to the right place! GoWP specializes in WordPress maintenance 24/7

Reach out to us to learn more, schedule a call or sign up your first client to see how we can help you grow. Happy to help! 

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