Managing Client Requests Efficiently and Effectively with Vito Peleg


Managing Client Requests Efficiently and Effectively


Collecting and making sense of feedback can be virtually impossible with some clients. But when you have the proper system and process in place, maintaining a great client experience and handling any number of requests can be easy. Vito Peleg built WP FeedBack to solve this exact problem for his 12-person digital agency, learn how you can manage and scale your agency in this webinar.

In this webinar, you’ll also learn about:

  • Managing multiple client projects
  • Getting to that sweet final deposit faster
  • Understanding exactly what clients want to reduce the back and forth
  • Identifying and dealing with scope creep before it eats into your profits
  • Creating an unforgettable client experience

"Choose one system and stick to it! The point is getting to a conclusion WITH your client. Find a system that works for both of you." - Vito Peleg, Managing Client Requests Efficiently and Effectively #webinar #GoWP with @GoWPSupport

We were so excited to host Vito for this webinar! He showed us an effective way to not only manage your client requests, but also offer a formula for sustainability and growth. 

Vito taught us a delivery process from proposal to client happiness that we is worth sharing: 

  1. The biggest mistake most freelancers and agencies are making when it comes to their clients.
  2. How you can gather content, approve designs and provide support without the client breathing down your neck or disappearing for months on end. 
  3. The #1 solution that will help systemize your work, reduce back and forth to zero and get your clients to love working with you (and coming back for more!).

He also shared these client management pearls of wisdom:

  • The underlying problem behind poor communication 
  • Building the right processes
  • Eating your client’s complications
  • Guarding your communication channels 
  • How to save a full day every month 
Managing client expectations also comes with knowing and using the right tools. Vito throws out a few recommendations and tips on what to use for better client management like client portals, communication channels and response tools. 
Be sure to check out WP Feedback – the easiest way to manage your agency and the solution to help systemize your work with clients.. 

We’ve had a lot of inquiries about WP Feedback, so Vito is offering a 10% discount for our community. 
Checkout with promo code GOWP10 today!

Here is a snippet of Vito’s delivery process flow where he shows us the power of the earning potential you have within your circle of influence. Keep watching at GoWP Webinars.


Vito Peleg Webinar Managing Client Requests

A Bit About Vito Peleg 

Vito Peleg is a musician turned WordPress business owner. After touring the world, he started building his own business, using his rediscovered passion for the web and WordPress in particular. 

As his agency began to grow he realized a recurring issue of juggling multiple projects at a time with the reliance on clients to get you what you need, resulting in projects that were always taking far too long. 

This is how WP FeedBack was born.

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