How to Use Omnichannel Marketing to Drive Customer Retention with Omnisend


How to Use Omnichannel Marketing to Drive Customer Retention


Director of Content at Omnisend, Greg Zakowicz, shares the power of omnichannel marketing and the relationships it builds on this GoWP webinar.

The power of omnichannel marketing and how to truly build a scalable relationship with your clients.
Greg walks us through the journey of email marketing and the power of using all your channels. He will teach us how to build scalable relationships and have more meaningful conversations across more channels. 
In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • Why the journey is much more than email
  • What channels you can use to increase loyalty and retention
  • How to build a 1-1 relationship at scale by leveraging more conversational channels

…and more!

"The customer journey is no longer linear. It's not about adding more channels, it's about finding the right channels that work well for your audience." - Greg Zakowicz #webinar with @GoWPSupport @omnisend

The customer journey is no longer linear. Greg teaches us about the importance of being available via the right channels for your customers along their journey.

Generic messaging, or “batch-a-blast” email marketing, fails to cater what brands want to relay. It can be time consuming to create several different versions of an email with a small marketing team. 

Greg’s tips on omnichannel marketing:


  • Use more targeted and relevant segmented emails. If we can touch consumers in multiple places, the conversion is going to be better. It’s not about adding more channels, just finding the channels that work well for your brand, your audience.
  • Personalize the welcome email. The probability of getting through to the inbox is increasingly higher when you personalize in a human-like way. Automation is great if you have the right tools for the job, just don’t rely on it for everything. 
  • Add SMS to your marketing. SMS can serve as a stand alone channel or a complimentary channel. which sees an increase in revenue by cutting through the inbox. Omnisend wrote a great article on this, check it out if you are interested in adding SMS – The Rise of SMS Marketing
  • Add trusted channels where your audience lives and shares. Be present there to share what they share to establish trust. 
  • Add incentives to be on your channels. Give them a reason to come back by offering swag! 
Check out this GoWP webinar for more tips on making your marketing stand out – across all the right channels.

Omnisend webinar SMS marketing

A Bit About Greg Zakowicz 

Greg Zakowicz is the Director of Content at Omnisend. He has nearly 15 years of experience in email, mobile, and social media marketing.

His retail subject matter expertise stems from his experience consulting retailers, including numerous Internet Retailer Top 1000 clients, with an in-depth analysis of their marketing programs.

Omnisend is the marketing automation platform built for growing eCommerce businesses. Reach out to Greg to connect at or find Omnisend on Twitter.

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