WordPress Podcasts to Help Grow your Agency (2020)

WordPress podcast lineup 2020

Here’s your WordPress podcast roundup to help grow your agency

We put together a list of podcasts that have helped our agency owners grow over the last few years. This list is dedicated to growth in all forms – lead generation, mental health awareness, financial advice and niching down. 

The GoWP team picked out a few episodes to share from each, we hope you enjoy them. Let’s dig in to our list of WordPress podcasts that should be added to your playlist today. 

If you're an agency looking to grow, you need a good #podcast to keep you going! The team at GoWP put together a list of experts to add to your playlist for 2020. Click To Tweet

Do the Woo 

The Do the Woo podcast is a weekly podcast that comes out every Thursday. Listen in as BobWP and his co-hosts, Brad Williams, Jonathan Wold and Mendel Kurland bring on a guest from the WooCommerce community. They chat about how they started and what their experiences have been in the community. Here are the team picks from the Do the Woo podcast. 

From Attorney to CEO of an eCommerce Agency with Rian Kinney  


Rian has been working with WordPress users and agencies since 2017 helping them with contracts, privacy and other legal guidance. She recently became CEO of Mindsize.me and is now deeper into the agency world, along with WooCommerce. She is a member of the Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group and has co-hosted our GoWP Virtual Happiness Hours, helping others with legal tips and insights. 

Privacy Policies with Hans Skillrud & Donata Kalnenaite from Termageddon 

Hear from both Hans and Donata about how they first started working with and around WooCommerce. Donata also shares the story behind moving from a licensed attorney to working for an agency, which ultimately led to the creation of Termageddon. Hans and Donata are also members of the Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group and have helped several agency owners with questions about privacy policies on their WordPress sites. 

Reflections of a 3-Year WooCommerce Managed Hosting Journey with Chris Lema 

Bob chats with Chris Lema as he celebrates his 3-year anniversary at Liquid Web, where he has led his team in building one of the most popular WooCommerce managed-hosting platforms around. We hear some great stories and, of course, we know that this is just the beginning for Chris. Chris often leads some great convos (and stories) in our Facebook group as well! 

WP Builds

In the words of Nathan Wrigley, “WP Builds is a WordPress podcast packed full of things that you either don’t want to know or are clever enough to work out that we just made up!” Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley really do bring all different types of people together to help one common cause: Building your agency. Nathan writes posts and creates audio on WP Builds and they also can be found in the WP Builds Facebook groupCheck out some of our favorite podcast picks.  

Nathan interviewed Brad Morrison, founder of GoWP. In this podcast Brad explains what GoWP is, who it’s for and what they will do for you. He reviews their white label services including WordPress Maintenance, Unlimited 24/7 Content Edits and Page Builds. They cover everything from dashboard hubs to pricing. 
Nathan and David chat about headless WordPress sites (when you separate the back-end of your website from the front-end).  Nathan takes on the argument for headless as he has some experience (using Strattic hosting) and David challenges this with his technological experience. Tune in to find out the end result!  
James shares his productivity secrets on how to automate boring, repetitive tasks. James has a Zapier Mastery course which will help you productize your days. He also taught a productivity workshop in the Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group – Productivity Tools, Tips, and Techniques. Join the group and get access to this exclusive workshop! 

How I Built It 

Joe Casabona is a college professor, author, course developer, and podcast master. His passion in both education and WordPress areas drove him to create courses for The University of Scranton, LinkedIn Learning, and his own community of business owners. Today, he helps people tell their stories through How I Built It podcast and Ship Your Podcast. Here are some of the GoWP team picks of Joe’s podcasts. 

What to Focus on in a Recession with Brad Morrison  

Brad tells us what GoWP is doing to work through what will be a seemingly tough economy. Joe and Brad talk about their experiences with the last recession, what’s different, and what you can do to adapt. Brad shares his tips on not only surviving, but thriving during this challenging time. 


Vito runs a popular WordPress plugin called WP Feedback. In this episode Vito talks about the importance of community in growing your business. Take Vito’s advice to heart because it’s important for growth. Find Vito in the WP Feedback community where he brings all different experts together to help grow your agency. 

The Importance of Niching Down with Sara Dunn 

Sara is fun, honest, and has a lot of great insight! Joe chatted with her about starting to niche down and how she’s put her all into her niche business. They talk about making some tough decisions, and how to stay motivated. If you want to position yourself as an in-demand expert, do better work in less time, and get more leads for your ideal project, check out Sara-Dunn.com.

Agency Trailblazer


Agency Trailblazer is the web design podcast by Lee Matthew Jackson. As an agency owner himself, it gave him the opportunity to help people achieve their objectives from the wealth of experience he’s had from getting it right and learning from his mistakes. He also runs the Agency Trailblazer Community for Design & Web Agencies on Facebook. Ready to grow your agency with Lee’s podcast? Here are our podcast picks.

The COVID economy featuring Nev Harris

Nev and Lee talk financial shop during a pandemic. Nev shares lessons we can learn from past economic crises. Nev and Lee collaborated on the free course – “The COVID economy”. A video course to help you understand what’s happening and what actions you can take as an agency owner. Learn more from Nev at NevHarris.com or join the GoWP Virtual Happiness Hours on Fridays where he is always sharing his wins and financial advice. Plus, he’s hilarious. 

Niche within the Niche featuring Brad Morrison 

During Agency Transformation Live 2020, Lee interviewed Brad Morrison on how he developed his niche over time. Having started providing services within an industry that did not seem to be as commercially viable, his agency expanded into other sectors. They eventually landed upon the service niche of care plans. Hear Brad’s story in this awesome excerpt from 2020’s virtual event.

Niche Til it Works featuring Emily Hunkler and Brad Morrison 

Brad and Emily from GoWP share their niching journey from local full service agency to WordPress support company. They have niched, then niched down further, creating a profitable and growing business that promotes a good work life blend. There is a lot we can learn from their journey. Emily and Brad chat about the Niche Agency Owners Facebook group that has grown and helped so many agency owners and partners. 

Agency Highway


James Rose founded Agency Highway, hand selected resources to help agencies grow.  It’s for digital agencies who want to earn more and work less. James shares the best tools and courses to grow an amazing digital agency and runs a fun podcast designed to increase productivity. The GoWP team has had several chances to hang out with Jimmy and his productive mindset. Check out these inspiring podcasts.

WordPress security for agencies with Akshat Choudhary

The founder of BlogVault and Malcare, Akshat Choudhary joins the show to talk WordPress security. In this chat, you’ll learn what you need to do to reduce the likelihood of being hacked, how to detect it, and how you can package it up as a service for your clients. We are big fans of the team’s growth at GoWP. 

In this interview with Brad Morrison of GoWP, you’ll learn about what to include in your WordPress maintenance plan – and what you might consider value adding into a “care plan”. They talk about triaging tickets, tools, training, and customer happiness. Brad shares the secret to offering additional value to your care plans and how you can increase value with partnerships. 

Tom Fanelli from Convesio web hosting talks about funding in this chat. Tom has gone with a newer type of funding that lets you raise similar amounts to VCs, without having to actually answer to anybody. If you’ve ever wanted to launch a product there is a lot to learn about funding in this episode. Find Tom Fanelli on Twitter to connect with him. 

WP Elevation 


WP Elevation helps agencies all over the world attract better clients, secure more interesting projects, and generate predictable and consistent cash flow. Their podcast has over 200 episodes to help your agency grow. Our good friends and partners, Troy Dean and Mike Killen have contributed countless hours of their expertise to making this podcast a huge success. 


Nathan talks about being frustrated and isolated in business. He shares some common problems and answers like stabilizing financially, fencing bad clients and improving productivity. Hear how Nathan’s work with iThemes leads to stories from his days as a pastor, some of the strangest industries he’s worked with and more. Learn more about his services at NathanIngram.com.


This is a great conversation with Mike Killen and Brad of GoWP about building and developing a WordPress maintenance business. From billing to operational procedures, you’ll learn about the all important aspect of being honest with customers and managing expectations. Tune in to hear Brad’s tip for simplifying the billing process and the importance of consistent income.

Depression, Entrepreneurship and Parenting, with Cory Miller


Cory Miller started iThemes back in 2008. Today he and his company are best known for their Backup Buddy plugin and iThemes security. Cory believes that entrepreneurship itself is one of the toughest, loneliest jobs a person can take on. He discusses a few strategies that he implements to maintain positive mental health and happiness.

WP Coffeetalk


Michelle Frechette hosts the WP Coffeetalk podcast and is a WordPress wonder woman! She is Head of Customer Success at GiveWPhelps Sentree hosting and founded 404play.com – all about redesigning your 404 page for growth. Michelle is the heart and soul of WordPress and a beloved member of our Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group. WP Coffeetalk brings all different people of WordPress together in common connection. Grab a cup of coffee and tune in to these podcasts. 

Mike Demo is an evangelist for BoldGrid. It is an integrated ecosystem of plugins, themes and services that builds and manages WordPress websites.  He attends virtual conferences regularly, contributes to the community, and can also dabbles in a little magic. Mike describes the WordPress community as family. We agree, and we’re glad he’s in the WordPress family, too.

Emily Hunkler is the Director of Marketing for GoWP.  Her WordPress and personal lives have been intertwined back as far as her travels through Spain and up to her amazing marketing with GoWP. Our conversation was so much fun! She kickstarted the Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group, which has now almost 1,000 members strong. 

Dan Maby saw a need and decided to build toward a solution. The result is WP&UP (now Big Orange Heart , an organization that helps the WordPress community have access to mental health counselors, as well as information and help with physical and business health. Dan has helped so many people with mental health awareness and the ability to stay positive during trying times. We appreciate you, Dan! 


Hallway Chats


Tara Claeys and Liam Dempsey started Hallway Chats as a podcast that connects unique designers, developers, marketing consultants, content creators, project managers, and more. Tara and Liam aim to share advice, tips, and camaraderie that ultimately lead to a greater sense of inclusion and belonging. Congrats on crossing over 15,000 downloads! 

Cate has been involved with WordPress for the last five years speaking, organizing, and being an engaging human. Currently, she’s building out a family business and investigating how to expand HeroPress into a new kind of membership site. She’s also a valued member of our Niche Agency Owners Facebook group and shares insightful advice often. 

Caylin is the growth manager at GoWP. She’s a marketer and an artist who shares her art on CBCInked  Caylin shares her love of the WordPress community, her content and digital marketing experience along with how to stay on top of your self care game. Her positive energy is infectious and we appreciate her uplifting spirit in the Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group as well. 

Beth is a former WordPress designer and developer turned online educator. She created WP Roadmaps where you will find guidance, tools, and templates that can help you stop these profit killers and stay within budget. She helps WordPress folks learn to get projects completed on time, within budget, with features that meet the client’s business requirements.

Kathy Drewien lives in Marietta, Georgia and she rescues abandoned, ugly, orphaned, broken, and non-productive websites for people and businesses who are ready for a change. She created AtlantaWPCoach.com that helps you find your road to success in the WordPress world. 


Marketing Agency Coach


Lee Goff is the founder of Marketing Agency Coach and author of Agency Success Roadmap.  He is the king of lead generation and created “blogcasts” all about helping you grow through lead magnets, funnel management and conversion. Here are our favorite blogcast picks to grow from. 

State of the Digital Union and How to Reload your Agency During Down Times with Troy Dean

In this blogcast, Troy Dean and Lee talk about not stressing out during this time, but actually reloading and thriving! Troy is the CEO of WP Elevation, founder of the digital Mavericks Club on Facebook and has an amazing knack for helping creative entrepreneurs build from the ground up. 

Marketing Champions with Bob Gold

Bob Gold is the founder, CEO and President of Bob Gold & Associates. Bob talks with Lee about tips for those going into public relations and marketing, defining success with the right KPI’s and how hiring matters most. 

How to Leverage Social Media to Get New Clients with Chris Orimiston

Chris specializes in cutting edge digital marketing solutions and works with Social Oxygen. He’s worked leaders in the industry like Google, Nike, Virgin and more. He helps to introduce advanced marketing technologies to build their populations and talks about the importance of a social media presence and SEO. Connect with Chris Orimiston on Twitter

Wrapping Up: WordPress Podcasts to Help Your Agency Grow


We hope you enjoyed this list of podcasts to help your agency grow. If you are a podcaster or would like a podcast to be added to this least, please reach out to us! 

If you are an agency owner and looking for white label services, you came to the right place! GoWP specializes in WordPress maintenance 24/7

Reach out to us to learn more, schedule a call or sign up your first client to see how we can help you grow. Happy to help! 

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  • Daily security scans and malware cleanup
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