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Masterclass in Website Security with BlogVault

Akshat Choudhary understands hackers and knows how to protect WordPress sites from them. We’re going to learn from his expertise in the next GoWP webinar.

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WordPress Security at its very core is constantly evolving. As hackers constantly find new ways to exploit, it’s imperative to stay dynamic and be prepared for the worst.

Akshat Choudhary of BlogVault knows that understanding how hackers are hacking WordPress sites can go a long way in protecting them. And we’re going to learn from his expertise in the next GoWP webinar.

Over the last 10 years, Akshat has dealt with more than 200,000 hacked sites. And he’s using what he’s learned to help agency owners identify weak points in their sites and hopefully be a catalyst to taking security more seriously.

In this webinar, we’ll also:

  • Learn the best strategies to secure a site based on Akshat’s analysis of 100+ hacked sites.
  • Take a behind the scenes look at the logs of hacked sites
  • Decode weak points and the method used to hack the sites
  • Show you how to properly protect a WordPress site against hackers…and more!

Don’t worry, we’ll save time for Q&A with Akshat at the end.

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About the panelist

Akshat Choudhary Webinar


Founder and CEO, BlogVault, MalCare and WPRemote

Akshat Choudhary is the Founder and CEO of BlogVault, MalCare and WPRemote – successful WordPress plugins designed for complete website management. Akshat has transformed his side-project into a profitable venture that is scaling new heights in the Indian startup space. As a member of the WordPress community for almost a decade, Akshat’s core belief when is to assist in the best possible manner.

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