Webinar previously recorded August 19, 2020 — 12:30pm ET

Creating a Nonstop Lead Generation Process for Your Agency

Join Lee Goff, the founder of Marketing Agency Coach, as he walks you through how to create a lead generation process for your agency that will prove successful.

Creating a Nonstop Lead Generation Process for Your Agency

Whether you are just starting out or are pivoting your lead generation process, your agency needs this webinar! Lee Goff, founder of Marketing Agency Coach and author of Agency Success Roadmap teaches us the way to build a lead generation process that will bring in leads nonstop.

In this webinar, you’ll also learn:

  • How to solve specific problems with your lead magnets  
  • How to create agile lead management
  • How to set up a lead harvesting CTA management system 
  • Tips on eliminating follow up failure 
  • How to track and automate your lead sources for future success

…and more!

Regardless of what type of services you offer or niche you serve, if you follow the steps in this webinar, your agency will run smoother, it will generate higher profits, and it will allow you to delegate with confidence while spending time with friends or family.

Tools/Resources shared on the Webinar:

Stick around until the end, Lee answers over 15 minutes of questions! 

About the panelist:

Lee Goff

Founder of Marketing Agency Coach

After spending 13 years founding, building, scaling, retiring from and then successfully exiting his digital agency, Lee, mastered a system that delivered results for agencies. Lee founded Marketing Agency Coach and is the author of Agency Success Roadmap.

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